«Always forge ahead and never give up !»

Founder of the COMDIS company in early April 1993, with a university education in economics and business law under his belt, Michel Sellem built up his experience in both French companies and foreign groups based in America, the Netherlands, the UK and Italy. He has set up a number of companies and, with COMDIS, has also launched many innovative concepts, including around twenty of his own brands.

With a passion for cutting-edge technologies, as well as for social sciences, nutrition, cosmetics, perfumes, food supplements, herbal medicine (…), he launched L'Amiforme
® Minceur & Beauté, a ‘cosmetic food’ product, in France in 1998, and this revolutionary concept of beauty through nutrition was immediately taken up by the biggest players in the market. He set up over 400 points of sale by himself and expanded his turnover with the leading mail order sales and teleshopping groups in France, Benelux, Germany, the UK, Canada and India.

A creative man with an avant-garde approach who rides the wave of hi-tech commerce, operational marketing and communication, and a shrewd strategist and businessman at heart, he has successfully motivated and achieved the compliance of a great many sales teams from very different cultures with his ambitious objectives.
He has a fine knowledge of B to B and B to C distribution networks due to having dealt with them himself. Finding solutions to sales-related, human and financial problems in a period of economic crisis is his preferred area of expertise and it also represents his priority goal for COMDIS’ clients. He has personally taken up and succeeded in many challenges by shaking up the market leaders (see attached press articles and videos). With limited resources, a large dose of creativity, marketing ingenuity, a serious mindset and relentless hard work “he won his battles, because he envisaged two hundred ways in which he could lose them!” - one of Napoleon’s mottoes which Michel Sellem has always applied in his business life, considering people and the desire to win as the main vehicles for success!

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